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WARNING :THIS GAME IS VIRTUAL REALITY ONLY In Deisim you can live the experience of being a powerful god. You can create the world as you want it by throwing spells into the ground. Help humans to evolve by giving them the resources and the ground they need or let them die starving.

Basic Information


Mana is the player's power source. The player needs mana to place tiles and perform miracles. The player gets mana from their believers. The player's maximum mana is determined by their deity level. the player can see their current mana by looking at their controllers in game. The number on the wrist is the current mana level.


Karma is the rating of good or evil. The more good actions (Regen Miracle, Heal Miracle, etc) the player performs the higher karma will be. Performing negative actions (Fire Miracle, Thunder Miracle, Killing People, etc) will lower karma.


There is currently a very short in game tutorial.

Game Information


  • Forest
  • Grass
  • Water
  • Pine Forest
  • Ice
  • Mountain
  • Desert
  • Oasis
  • Volcano
  • Swamp


  • Regen
  • Rain
  • Heal
  • Void
  • Locust
  • Thunder
  • Fire


  • Spirit(1)
  • Minor Deity(2)
  • Intermediate Deity(3)
  • Greater Deity(4)
  • Supreme Deity(5)


  • Heretics
  • Non-Believers
  • Believers


Humans will create cities around campfires in grasslands, icelands, and deserts.

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